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CHF 25.00
Nr. 5101

Shinto Towel uses a unique weave to create an extra soft texture.

The 2.5-PLY GAUZE TOWEL feature superior absorbency, luxurious softness and distinctive texture achieved through the Atozarashi process: A finishing process after weaving that removes all starch, oils and impurities from the fibers to create an addictive, fluffy texture.

Shinto created a natural depth of color by slightly varying the dyes used for warp and weft.

Care recommendation:
Machine wash 40℃, tumble dry low/gentle.
Do not pull loose threads: cut them carefully with scissors. Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash with like colors, especially at the beginning. Avoid excessive use of fabric softeners as this can damage the fibers and reduce absorbency.

size S: W300 × L340mm
size M: W580 × L1000mm
size L: W880 × L1400mm
size Tenugui: W300 × L1150mm

material: 100% organic cotton

made in Japan