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CHF 78.00
Nr. 9181

This 60s Kokeshi doll has a minimalist kimono design and wears a fan. Especially appealing is the detailed painting of her hair on the head.

Kokeshi dolls are finely painted and traditionally made from the wood of fruit trees, depicting young women in a stylised form. The dolls have a cylindrical body on which an oval head sits, while arms and legs are missing.

Kokeshi dolls have been part of the image of Japanese onsen for around 150 years. These bathhouses located at hot springs are traditionally a popular holiday and recreation destination in Japan. Originally, Kokeshis were mainly used as cute souvenirs and toys, but today they are sometimes fanatically collected.
However, the traditional way of dealing with dolls in Japan and their significance for the owner is very different from that in Europe. In Japan, dolls are at least traditionally regarded and treated almost like people. In addition, many Japanese regard them as lucky charms or guardian angels.

Production of Kokeshi dolls
To this day, high-quality Kokeshi dolls are meticulously handcrafted by artists who are skilled in Japanese craftsmanship and are veritable Kokeshi masters. The basic material used is mainly wood from fruit trees, especially cherry and fan maple, which has been dried for several years and is therefore perfect to work with.
After the mould of the Kokeshi doll is finished, it is lovingly hand-painted with the traditional motifs and finally signed by the artist on the bottom of the figure.

Please check the photos carefully and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Size: H180mm
Material: Natural wood
Weight: 94g

Vintage from Japan