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Kaorikarou Kamairicha (40g)
CHF 15.00

Kamairicha is a special type of Japanese green tea, which differs from other green teas due to its special production method. Instead of the usual steaming technique, the tea leaves are roasted in a pan, which gives them a unique aroma and flavor. Compared to Sencha, Kamairicha teas are less "grassy", less bitter and astringent, but sweeter and nuttier with a longer aftertaste.

Kaori means aroma and the name of this tea reflects its special aroma. Yabukita Kamairicha has a balance of sweetness and bitterness and an aroma that impresses with subtle roasted flavors and a slight sweetness. Miyazaki Sabo is known for its high-quality teas, which have received several of Japan`s highest awards, especially for its Kamairicha teas.

For an optimal drinking experience, we recommend steeping the tea leaves in 90°C water for about one and a half minutes. As a guide, about 3 grams (1 teaspoon) of tea leaves should be used for 200 ml of water.

Size: W108 x H225mm
Content: 40g
Tea plant variety: Minamisayaka
Region: Gokase, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu

Made in Japan