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Hojicha (80g)
CHF 16.50

Hojicha is a special tea made from roasted green Sencha tea leaves. Roasting gives it a purple color and a unique aroma with toasty-smoky and nutty-caramel flavors. Hojicha is free of the bitterness often found in green tea and therefore has a very mild taste, making it a perfect alternative to black tea.

In addition, the roasting process has the advantage of reducing the caffeine content. Hojicha is popular to drink with dinner or before bedtime and is especially appreciated by children and the elderly.

Hojicha is also good for health as it is rich in catechins and antioxidants. It can promote digestion, slow down the aging process, remove toxins from the body, reduce bad cholesterol and keep sugar levels stable. It also contains easily absorbed vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Pregnant women, children and elderly people in Japan often drink Hojicha.

Amount: 2 - 3g / 150ml
Temperature: 75 - 90 °C
Infusion Time: 1 - 3 min.

Size: W125 x H225mm
Content: 80g

Made in Japan