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hibi® - Gift Box S
CHF 34.00

Gift Box S


Give yourself a little break now and then: Hibi is a small gentle interruption in everyday life, like a reminder to look at the sky or flowers blowing in the wind.

This innovation has resulted from a collaboration between two traditional Japanese industries based in Hyogo Prefecture: the incense manufacturers of Awaji Island and the match-makers of Harima.
After 3 years of a collaborative effort, these traditional Japanese crafts have been united in a single product which offers a way to fragrance your home `Hibi` - a Japanese term which translates as `day by day`.

Take one of the incense sticks from the packaging, light it like a match (hold it far forward so that it does not break), now hold it slightly downwards and wait until the flame goes out by itself and then place it on the supplied base.

Size: W115 x H115 x D10mm
Content: 3 sets with 8 sticks each + exclusive mat

Made in Japan