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CHF 9.50
Nr. 2200

The Daruma is a traditiona japanese good luck charm that is supposed to help with wish fulfillment. Each color represents a different type of wish. Depicted is Bodhidharma (Dharma). Legend has it that Dharma once meditated for nine years and lost his legs as a result - for this reason, the Daruma is depicted without legs The Daruma are traditionally red - based on the color of the priest`s robe - but six to seven other colors have since become established.

Meaning of the colors:

red: general wishes
white: talent / progress / new start / purification
yellow: business / wealth / prosperity
pink: love / marriage
purple: honor / assistance / help
black: prosperity / protection from evil
mint green: health / beauty / protection from fatigue

Daruma dolls are a symbol of perseverance, persistence and luck. If you make a wish to the Daruma, you paint the left eye (as seen from the observer) and place it in a place where you will see it as often as possible. In this way, one is always reminded of one`s wish. As soon as the wish is fulfilled, one paints out the right eye.

size: W40 x H45mm
material: papier-mache

made in Japan