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CHF 17.50
Nr. 1254

Table broom set purely from natural materials. The hook part made of leather can be used as a practical hanger. Ideal for use on a desk or in a small room.

Sorghum is a grass that has long been extracted from a long and uniform cob. As a raw material, it has long been used to make zashiki brooms. When tatami surfaces are swept with it, they are given a special shine.
Very much in the mainstream of today, the broomstick is gaining new attention from the standpoints of environmental friendliness and sustainability without power consumption, as well as mindfulness and Zen, the practice of regulating body and mind.

Each broomstick is hand-woven by artisans.

Size Broom: B140 x T305 x H240mm
Material: Sorghum / Leather strap