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CHF 9.50
Nr. 2399

This sponge cloth absorbs more than 10 times its own weight in water, yet dries quickly and hygienically.
It also absorbs spilled soy sauce and wine. And unlike paper towels, you can use it over and over again, making it very economical. It is harmless as a combustible waste, and even if buried in the ground, it will decompose 100% and be returned to the earth.
Cellulose is a fibrous material obtained from the residues of wood. Cellulose is resistant to both cold and hot water, very strong, absorbent and fast drying. Since it is resistant to the growth of bacteria, you can get rid of the problem of "smelly dishtowels" forever. It can be sterilized in boiling water and washed in the washing machine. No bleach is used in the production process.

kata kata : kata kata is a design unit of Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai, who are engaged in stencil dyeing and printing of original fabrics. The motifs are all the things we feel in our daily life, animals, plants, insects, birds.... The designs of kata kata are designed to tell a story as you unfold the fabric.

size (dry): W65 x L150 x H2mm
size (wet): W65 x L170 x H20mm
weight: 7g
material: 100% cellulose

made in Japan