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CHF 16.00
Nr. 1840

These cloths are made of white mosquito net fabric are carefully woven in Nara Prefecture, the only remaining mosquito net production area in Japan.
It is said to have originated when the women workers at the mosquito net factories started sewing together several pieces of defective fabric or leftover fabric from cutting to make cloth for their own use.

Kaya cloth dishcloths made of rayon are 1.3 times more absorbent than cotton, and are resistant to oil stains, removing oil stains with just a quick wipe. In addition, the coarse weave of the Kaya cloth makes it highly breathable and quick-drying, so it can be used hygienically.

As starch glue is used in the manufacturing process of the fabric, it looks stiff at first, but after rinsing it several times with water, the glue is removed and the texture becomes fluffy.

KIYOI = clean, clear, pure.
Recommended use:cooktop cloth, kitchen cloth, sink wipe cloth.

size: 300 x 300mm
material: cotton / rayon
weight: 30g
colour : white

made in Japan

care instructions : rinse thoroughly in water prior to first use to remove the natural starches which give the cloth it initial stiffness.