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CHF 45.00
Nr. 1657

A carefully hand-woven bag with 9 pockets made of linen. With a Velcro closure, it can be closed so securely. It can also be used to separate medicines when traveling or to organize small accessories. The fabrics show ornamental patterns which were appropriated as arts and crafts during the Tenpyo period after inspiration of imported goods for the emperor.

Ban Inoue is a textile company from Nara Prefecture inspired by the delicate and complex aesthetics of Japan. Influenced by the Azuchi-Momoyama period, Ban Inoue`s products follow both the aesthetic of Hana - majestic, dynamic and brilliant beauty - and the philosophy of Wabi - simple and clear beauty in harmony with nature.

size: W160cm x H75mm
material: 100% linen

made in Japan