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CHF 30.00
Nr. 5107

The squeaky clean feeling you get when you squeeze this towel in your hands is the result of Shinto Towel`s ultimate refining method, called Atozarashi.

The regional refining method Atozarashi removes starch and other natural impurities, which spoil the absorbency of cotton, through a special cleaning process after weaving. For YUKINE, Shinto Towel spend twice the effort on this Atozarashi process, maximizing the natural absorbency of cotton to its highest potential. The clean, refined cotton fibres rubbing against each other produce the characteristic squeaky feeling. Caring for the nature by using organic cotton, with its unique squeaky texture and color of pure white, this towel will remind you of a landscape all covered with white snow.

size S: W330 × L820mm
size M: W400 × L1100mm
size L: W600 × L1200mm
material: 100% organic cotton
color: white

made in Japan