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CHF 24.00
Nr. 3545

En tea
Green tea with black soybeans

What is special about this green tea from EnTea?
It is a blend of Kamairicha from Saga/Kyushu and black roasted soybeans from Hokkaido.

What is Kamairicha?
Kamairicha is the name given to Japanese green teas, which are produced in a way that differs from the usual way of green tea production. Instead of the steam method used by the majority to stop fermentation, the tea leaves of Kamairicha are roasted in a pan at the beginning.

The ChaTokyo Series from EnTea
Tokyo has always been a place where influences from different regions of Japan came together to create something new. This is also true for the Japanese tea culture. With the ChaTokyo series EnTea follows this tradition and uses green tea from Saga in combination with ingredients from different regions of Japan.

EnTea uses TEAROAD SOILON, a fabric made of plant starch, which is biodegradable, for the tea bags.

How does this green tea taste?
The Kamairicha produced by EnTea has a very nice, harmonious balance between sweetness and bitterness. Its aroma captivates with fine roasted aromas combined with a slight sweetness of the soybeans. The tea is also very suitable as an accompaniment to a fine meal.

How is the green tea prepared?
For a good drinking experience we recommend to steep 1 tea bag in 250 ml, 90°C hot water for about more than one minute.

Contents: 7 tea bags of 3g
Region: Saga Prefecture, Kyushu/Japan
Producer: EnTea, ChaTokyo Series

made in Japan